Nurse Builders Academy
Sterile Processing Technician

A Sterile Processing Technician is an Allied Health Professional specifically trained and educated to work within the Central Supply and Distribution Services and work along with the Operating Room Department. Technicians are trained in aseptic technique, sterilization and environmental control, patient care equipment and supply distribution.

Course Topics:

Roles and Responsbility; Anatomy and Physiology; Microbiology; Infection Control; Decontamination; Patient Care Equipment; Preparation,Packaging, and Instrumentation; Sterilization; Steriel Storage; Inventory Control and Distribution.

The applicants must meet the following requirements prior to enrollment:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age;
  2. Proof of legal residency in the United State;
  3. Successful completion of an entrance exam, school tour, and admission process;
  4. Speaks, writes and understands English;
  5. Possess active social security card, California Driver Licesne or Identification Card;