Nurse Builders Academy

Nursing Assistant

Program Length:  150 Hours                                              

There are two components of the Nursing Assistant program consisting of One Hundred Fifty (150) hours combining lecture, skills lab and clinical practice.  This program discusses Role and Responsibilities of Nursing Assistant, Resident’s Rights, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Prevention and Management of Catastrophe, Body Mechanics, Weights and Measures, Patient Care Skills, Patient Care Procedures, Vital Signs, Nutrition, Emergency Procedures, and Death and Dying.


Home Health Aide

Program Length:  40 Hours                

There are two components of the Home Health Aide program consisting of Forty (40) hours combining lecture, skills lab and clinical practice.  A person must be a CNA in order to obtain their HHA license. This program discusses:Introduction of Aides and agency role, Interpretation of medical and social needs of the client , Personal cares services , Nutrition, Cleaning and care task in the home. 


Acute Care Nurse Assistant

Program Length:  116 Hours

There are two components of the Acute Care Nurse Assistant program consisting of One Hundred Sixteen (116) hours combining lecture, skills/lab and clinical practice.  This course is designed provides a review of nursing assistant skills with emphasis on specialized acute care areas such as orthopedic, pediatric, and obstetrical units. At the completion of the course, students will demonstrate knowledge of skills required to assist the nurse in providing nursing care and service to the patient in an acute care setting.  This program discusses:  Communication and Documentation, Safe and Secure Environment, Care of   Surgical Patient, Nutritional Care, Reproductive Care, Respiratory Care, Oncology /Immunosuppression, Death and Dying.


4Restorative/Rehabilitative Nursing Assistant

Program Length:  80 Hours

There are two components of the Restorative/Rehabilitative Nursing Assistant program consisting of Eighty (80) hours combining lecture, skills/lab and clinical practice.  This course is designed to provide CNAs optimal physical, activities of daily living, range of motion exercises, and mobility.   This program discusses:  Introduction to Therapeutic Health Care, The Role of the Restorative and Rehabilitation Therapy Aide, Safety of the Therapeutic Process, Interpersonal.


Healthcare Communications and Public Relations

Program Length:  50 Hours

The Healthcare Communications and Public Relations course consisting of Fifty (50) hours combining Twenty Five (25) hours of lecture and Twenty Five (25) hours of interaction/ practice. This program is designed to provide an understanding of effective communication and persuasion strategies while explaining the different cultures that bridge tools and techniques in Healthcare Communications and Public Relations. Its aim is also to instill and inculcate interactive formats that provide opportunities to practice, develop, and improve skills in establishing relationship with clientele and the public in the profession.


Senior Nurse Assistant

Program Length: 50 Hours

 The Senior Nurse Assistant course consisting of Fifty (50) hours combining Forty (40) hours of lecture and Ten (10) hours of lab. Advanced roles for CNAs, contributing to recruitment.  This program discusses:

1.   Serve as a role model;

2.   Assist in an enabling work environment;

3.   Serve as a preceptor to new employees/students;

4.   Participate in facility meetings;

5.   Assist with quality assurance;

6.   Serve in a clerical role of record maintenance for required Accreditation.


4Home Care Aide

Program Length: 10 Hours (5 hours Basic Entry Level and 5 hours Minimum Annual Training)     Prerequisites: None

Total Program Cost: $75.00 (includes $25.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee)

Course Description

This course discusses the following:

Basic Entry Level:

YOUR ROLE AS A CAREGIVER                         Training Hours : 1 Hour

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT                                 Training Hours : 1 Hour

BASIC SAFETY PRECAUSTIONS                 Training Hours : 1 Hour

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES                        Training Hours : 1 Hour

INFECTION CONTROL                                    Training Hours : 1 Hour


Minimum Annual Training:

UNDERSTANDING CLIENT RIGHTS            Training Hours : 1 Hour

LIFTING AND MOVING CLIENTS                 Training Hours : 1 Hour




Course Registration Requirements:

A registered home care aide shall be 18 years of age or older.

Any individual who has submitted an application and who possesses any one of the following identification cards may initiate a background examination to be a registered home care aide:

(a) A valid California driver’s license.

(b) A valid identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

(c) A valid Alien Registration Card.

(d) In the case of a person living in a state other than California, a valid numbered photo identification card issued by

     an agency of the state other than California.